Perverce fellow's complementary mini power AMP. ** **
As I say on another page of my homepage, the pure complementary push pull circuit is a type of emitter follower. I am a perverce fellow, therefore I made an complementary push pull amplifier unless an emitter follower. See figure! Tr2 and Tr3 is connected with their collectors. This circuit has 16dB gain. And this circuit has 50mW maximum power-output. Vr2 must be adjusted to make the B-point(emitter of Tr3) 0.4V. Vr1 must be adjusted to make A-point(collecter of Tr3) 6V. More feedback reduces the strain. I made this circuit with small transistors. Their collector-inside-resistance/impedance (Sorry I do not know correct English) is not so low. It limits the power of this circuit. This circuit has no advantage from the normal pure-complementary-AMP in this time. But in some day, if the transistor whitch has very low correcter inner resistance shall be developped, it may be useful circuit.

ホームページの別のページで述べたように,ピュアコンプリメンタリープシュプル回路は,一種のエミッターフォロアです.私は,へそ曲がり男です,それで私は,エミッターフォロアでないプシュプル増幅器を作りました.図を見て下さい! Tr2 およびTr3 は,それらのコレクターで結ばれます.このサーキットは,16dB ゲインを持っています.そして,このサーキットは,50mW 最大出力です.Vr2 は,B - ポイント(Tr3のエミッター)が0.4Vになる様に,調節されなくてはいけません.Vr1 は,Aポイント(Tr3のコレクター)が6Vになるように調節されなくてはいけません.フィード・バックを

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