Honest Dice: 24Sep2000
1. Reason of this hand making: My 4th child ,5 years old , drops the dice from the desk many times while we play a board game. Therefore I decided to make the dice which has no possibility to drop on the floor.
2. IC4011 makes the astable malti-vibrator "astabiler Multivibrator" . IC4017 makes counter. Diode matrix changes the signal Q0-Q5 to the brink of 7 LEDs.***
3. In IC4017 ,the reset input (15) is connected to Q6 output. Therefore this circuit can count from Q0 to Q5.
4. Pull up the "clock enable bar" to stop clock ! Pull down it only in the timing you want to rotate this dice, with momentary push switch!
5. I was at a loss to make this gear with a seven segment LED display. You can do it.
6. The circuit drawing lost it but, the power switch is need between the battery and Vdd.
7. When I played with this gear, I discovered that IC4017 has a memory effect. I will consider about the usage of this effect. If you do not understand what I say, make this gear!
8. I presented this gear to my children. Not only my boy (5 years old) but also my daughter (9 years) are glad. She also may had often got a trouble by the younger brother loosing the dice.
9. This gear got a hint from the German book. "300Schaltungen 286 Wuerfel"

dicerph2.jpg....Dice indicationg ""FIVE". :”5”を表示中の本機



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