One transistor TX (50MHz DSB)...1trtxph.gif
I challenged to make very simple transmitter. It is constructed with only one transistor. It makes DSB signal. It can make QSO with normal SSB station. ***
See fig 1! Carbon microphone modulates 50MHz CW signal. It produces a double sideband signal. It pass through the 50MHz band pass filter. It is radiated by the antenna. ***
See fig 2! Modulator is constructed by diode single balanced mixer. ***
See fig 3! This machine is transmitter. Therefore I must use another transceiver in order to receive the report from my QSO friends. ***
See the table! With this machine I made four QSO's with friends living 50Km distance from me.

1個の トランジスター送信機( 50MHz DSB )

図1 を見てください! 炭素マイクで,50MHz CW シグナルを変調して,ダブルサイドバンドの信号を発生します。この信号は,50MHzバンドパスフィルターを通り抜けて,空中線で放射されます.***
図2 を見てください! モジュレーターは,シングルバランスドミキサーで、2個のダイオードによって構成されています.***
図3 を見てください! この機械は送信機ですから,別のトランシーバーをいっしょに使ってQSO相手からのレポート受信しなければなりませんでした。***
表を見てください! この機械で,だいたい50Kmの距離の4局とQSOできました。




1. Makeing CQ by 20mW transceiver. Good station makeing contact to me.
2. Transmit by 5mW DSB = this machine.
3. Receiveing report from QSO friends by transceiver.


1trtx4.gif was replaced with following table, in order to save memory.

Table1: result of one night local expedition by this transmitter. All QSO was mwde on 18 Dec 1993.
time(JST) QTH of contact station distance(km) Report receiv memo
2121 Kumagayacity 67 41 Not good signal.But recognized.
2140 Kawaguchicity 57 34 Only call sign was copied.
2205 kazocity 47 45 He could hear that I say " Carbon mic is used".
2215 Kakegawacity 57 45 Small beet was heard. Carbon mic was heard.


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